Amanda stands at the helm of ENVSN Studios, a visionary force driving the company's innovation in the fields of project strategies, technology integration, business consulting, training, web design and development, and graphic design. Her approach is characterized by a relentless pursuit of creative solutions for complex challenges, ensuring clients are not only satisfied but genuinely thrilled with the results.

With a strategic mindset, Amanda is recognized as the quintessential problem solver, dedicated to identifying and implementing the perfect solution for each client. She has a proven track record of excellence in delivering comprehensive services that span from revitalizing websites and refining project management processes to enhancing business professionalism with dynamic graphic designs and videos. Amanda's commitment is to streamline operations, bolster legitimacy, and provide self-managed, turn-key solutions with unwavering transparency.

Amanda and ENVSN Studios are the ideal partners for ambitious clients ready to elevate their business or projects to new heights. Under her leadership, the studio prides itself on delivering exceptional outcomes that exceed expectations, fostering growth and success in every endeavor.

Amanda's passion for elevating online success through specialized consulting and cutting-edge web design services was the catalyst for founding ENVSN Studios. Her expertise extends well beyond conventional web development to include comprehensive website management and technology solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. From conducting in-depth SEO audits to creating compelling content and graphics, Amanda adopts a holistic approach to enhance digital presence.

Her services are characterized by meticulous attention to design and organizational strategies, focusing on the intricacies of business processes and their impact on both internal and external customer journeys. Amanda excels in orchestrating complex projects, offering end-to-end solutions that surpass traditional outcomes. Her commitment to beauty and functionality in the final product is unwavering, with flexible pricing plans ensuring that businesses of all sizes can access bespoke digital transformations.

Amanda invites collaboration to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape, propelling brands to unparalleled success. Join her in this journey to transform your digital presence and achieve your business goals


Amanda M Senior

FOUNDER and Director 

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